DJ Template Pro


DJ Template Pro


This template for the APC40 is used by thousands of DJs worldwide, and has become the de-facto tool for beginning DJs and Ableton experts alike. Designed to be intuitive, streamlined and powerful, this template will have you rocking parties with your APC40 in a matter of minutes.

With powerful FX, full DJ EQs, internal mixing and extensive tutorial videos: this template is easily customisable and extensible: Like piloting a starship powered by bass.

Purchasing the Pro template currently gives you:

  • A handy automated installer
  • Pretty and useful volume meters for each channel, as well as the Master
  • An updated APCAdvanced script that uses less CPU
  • Online support
  • Free updates
  • A warm inner glow

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Ableton.



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